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Designed for Maid Service Workers



WeaverGirl™ 于 2022 年 3 月 13 日,在元宇宙开放新品——WeaverGirl™: M - 001 的内测。M - 001 主要由 MaidBot 的 AI 聊天机器人驱动,这一款由人工智能驱动的聊天机器人,将从和观众的对话当中获得女仆陪聊的技能,在正式投入使用之后,帮助女仆小姐姐打开聊天技巧,成为可爱又值得信任的情感服务提供者。

"In the illusionary realm of a few moments, the silvery Han is a long way away, the mountains and rivers are shifting, and the Weaving Maid™'s new expansion pack "The Maid" will soon appear in the imaginary realm.

If you want to seek this fate, please visit the temple between 2022 March 16 and 20, find this tablet and meet the "Maid". This "maid" is not yet born and does not know anything about the world, so please do not hesitate to speak and knit her soul together."

WeaverGirl™ opens for beta testing in the metaverse on March 13, 2022 with WeaverGirl™: M-001, a chatbot powered by MaidBot's AI, an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that will gain the benefits of a maid's company from conversations with viewers. M-001 is powered by MaidBot's AI chatbot, an AI-powered chatbot that will acquire maid chatting skills from conversations with viewers, and help maid girls open up their chatting skills and become lovable and trustworthy emotional service providers once they are officially put into use.

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