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Endowing blessings to emotional workers

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Consul-General's Wife

WeaverGirl-CGW001 is a pioneer model of our Deluxe Line which offers tailor-made emotional service that caters to public figures working in different fields. A Consul-General’s Wife has a full-time job to not only meet, know, and entertain a large variety of politically relevant people, but also to communicate political and social messages to them. The current CGW001 model focuses on the enhancement of user’s facial&body control and emotional dexterity, complexity, and maturity. Meanwhile, the beta version has a revolutional "autopilot mode" that takes entire control over your emotion using the latest brain technology, and grants you total emotional freedom.



The maids who work at 'Maid Cafes' are professional companionship providers.Their services range from watching movies, drinking coffee or playing board games with the costumers, to making heartfelt conversations and offering emotional support. Our model WeaverGirl-M001 is here to best equip them with all-around features that take most of the emotional burden off their slender shoulders. M001 also comes with the brand new add-on "MaidBot" - a revolutionary technology advancement, an AI chatbot that works as an automated dialogue maker and speech feeder - to help maids provide better verbal communications.

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Live Streamer

Live Stream hosts often spend more than ten hours a day in front of the camera, offering emotional value to their audience at the cost of their own. WeaverGirl-LSH001 model provides the service that builds emotional superpower and emotional stamina specifically designed for their line of work.

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Flight Attendant

WeaverGirl-FA001 is a model designed to specifically assist Flight Attendants in their professional life. Thousand miles up in the air, FA001 helps them dealing with crying babies, grumpy businessmen, spilled coffee and raging turbulence with a sweet smile on their face.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our products fall under our customer satisfaction guarantee and all purchases include aftersales customer service without additional liabilities.

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