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Tailor-made for people who work in public figures, customer service sector, sales and so on, Weaver Girl embraces a brighter future with cutting-edge emotion-enhancement technology that provides emotional success and mental wellbeing for everybody. It creates emotional-enhancement tools that combines functionality and style with a perfect balance. Users will obtain total control over their emotional performance in workplace without having to compromise their mental health.

专为公众人物、客服、销售等行业人士量身打造,“织女” 拥抱更美好的未来,以尖端的情感增强技术为每个人提供情感成功和心理健康。它创造了情感增强工具,将功能和风格完美结合。用户将完全控制他们在工专为公众人物、客服、销售等行业人士量身打造,“织女” 拥抱更美好的未来,以尖端的情感增强技术为每个人提供情感成功和心理健康。它创造了情感增强工具,将功能和风格完美结合。用户将完全控制他们在工作场所的情绪表现,而不必损害他们的心理健康。作场所的情绪表现,而不必损害他们的心理健康。

Featured Products

A better emotional future.


MAID 001

Released March 18th 2022

The maids who work at 'Maid Cafes' are professional companionship providers. Their services range from watching movies, drinking coffee or playing board games with the costumers, to making heartfelt conversations and offering emotional support.


M001 comes with the brand new add-on "MaidBot" - a revolutionary technology advancement, an AI chatbot that works as an automated dialogue maker and speech feeder - to help maids provide better verbal communications.



M001配备了技术革新后的新附加组件“ MaidBot”,一个人工智能聊天机器人,可以提供自动对话和语言输出,来帮助女仆们为她们的顾客提供至高无上的沟通陪伴。

夫人姐姐_25Left_Main Light_edited.png


Released December 5th 2021

WeaverGirl-CGW001 is a pioneer model of our Deluxe Line which offers tailor-made emotional service that caters to public figures working in different fields. A Consul-General’s Wife has a full-time job to not only meet, know, and entertain a large variety of politically relevant people, but also to communicate political and social messages to them.


The current CGW001 model focuses on the enhancement of user’s facial&body control and emotional dexterity, complexity, and maturity. Meanwhile, the beta version has a revolutional "autopilot mode" that takes entire control over your emotion using the latest brain technology, and grants you total emotional freedom.

WeaverGirl-CGW001 是我们豪华系列中的先锋人工智能解决方案,提供度身定制的情感服务,迎合各领域公众人物的不同需要。总领事夫人这份全职工作,不仅包括会见、结识与款待诸多政界相关人士,还需在此中传达出恰当的政治与社会内涵。



Other Products

网红姐姐_25DegreeLeft_Main Light_edited_edited.png


Live Stream hosts often spend more than ten hours a day in front of the camera, offering emotional value to their audience at the cost of their own. WeaverGirl-LSH001 model provides the service that builds emotional superpower and emotional stamina specifically designed for their line of work.

直播主持人每天通常要花费超过十小时的时间面对镜头,付出自己的情感来为观众提供情感价值。 WeaverGirl-LSH001 专为此类行业而设,向她们提供培养情感超能力与情感耐力的服务。

空姐姐姐_25Left_Main Light_edited.png


WeaverGirl-FA001 is a model designed to specifically assist Flight Attendants in their professional life. Thousand miles up in the air, FA001 helps them dealing with crying babies, grumpy businessmen, spilled coffee and raging turbulence with a sweet smile on their face.

WeaverGirl-FA001 人工智能解决方案,专为协助空乘人员的职业生活打造。在千里高空之上,FA001 帮助她们在面对哭泣的婴儿、暴躁的商人、洒出的咖啡和颠簸的气流时,能够始终面带甜美微笑。

Varies studies indicate that, emotional labor is closely related to psychological and physiological health issues, including cardiovascular diseases, dysmenorrhea, muscoskeletal malfunction, disruption in sleep patterns, depression, suicidal tendency, fatigue, anxiety, and emotional dissonance.



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